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Our 5 top tips for setting up your retail container unit

Our 5 top tips for setting up your retail container unit

Pop-up shops and retail container units are increasing

Retail pop-ups are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons, the most notable being that they offer a temporary brick-and-mortar retail shop. With the recent boom of online shops, many companies want to explore the benefits of having some sort of physical presence. 

Not only that, but retail container units also provide an excellent boots-on-the-ground form of experiential marketing. This allows retailers of all sizes – from boutiques to global retailers – to expand their reach and connect with their audience in a more meaningful way.

Customers today love retail pop-ups as they offer a new and exciting way to interact with their favourite brands. However, for smaller companies, one of the main challenges of hosting a pop-up event is the cost of renting temporary retail or commercial space. 

To overcome this challenge, many companies are now turning to modified shipping containers as a more affordable option. Shipping containers can be easily modified to create a retail space that is both convenient and cost-effective for your customers.

How to set up your retail container unit for customers

Choosing your container unit

Choosing the right retail container unit for your business means considering the size and potential for modifications, along with choosing the right type of container that fits both your needs and budget. 

New shipping containers may be more expensive, but if you’re able to find a used one in good condition, it’ll be more than sufficient and save you quite a bit of money.

The biggest difference between container choices comes down to size – with the most common measurements being between 10-40ft. It’s also worth noting that almost all containers are 8ft wide and 7ft 8 inches in height, so when you’re looking for container storage, be aware that most places will have somewhat limited space.

Placing your container

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself when planning to open a retail container unit is whether it will be a permanent installation or a more temporary pop-up. 

If you are planning on a portable store, you will need to take the necessary steps to make sure that any windows you add will not compromise the structural stability of the container. 

This means that you would need to reinforce the container so that it can handle the weight of the windows without putting too much strain on any one particular spot.

Container entrance set up

With limited interior space, it might be best to steer clear of doors that open inwards and instead opt for a traditional personnel door that opens outwards.

 Another option could be to keep the original double cargo doors that are located on either end of the container – these types of doors swing outwards and open up the entire end of your container, providing plenty of space for customers to see directly inside your retail space from the outside. 

Not many shops are able to offer that!

Displaying your products

Make the most of your retail container unit by considering the space you have available to showcase your stock appropriately. Check out our wide range of racking ready for your retail container unit. 

To optimise display space, you can design your own shelving or choose from ready-made racking. Either way, we can advise you on the options available.

Extending your space

A shipping container is a great way to extend your service or retail area with outdoor seating. Do this by using an awning or container canopy. Container canopies can be erected on any shipping container. Canopies and awnings are great for providing some outside shelter on those colder days.

The benefits of a retail container unit for your business


Moving your retail container unit is popular for pop-up shops, particularly if they wish to move locations regularly. Once you’ve placed your order, they can be quickly and securely transported by a light truck to any location. 

They’ll be fully functional with working electrical units on the same day and then can be packed up and moved to the next location when you’re ready.


Some retail spaces require businesses to maintain a certain aesthetic for their stores to create uniformity within a shopping district, which can limit choices for branding and create unique retail experiences for customers. 

As retail container units are placed outside, generally, these rules don’t apply or are altered. This means businesses can set up their retail stores using their own branding and artwork. 

This provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to really make their mark and give customers a memorable experience that they can’t find anywhere else.


The durability and flexibility of shipping containers make them an excellent investment for businesses. Their tough exterior can withstand constant wear and tear, and they can protect your merchandise from the elements for years. 

They’re also easy to transport to changing locations, which makes them a key part of your business.


There’s no denying that retail spaces in urban areas are becoming increasingly scarce, competitive, and expensive. 

If you’re looking to open a store in a town shopping district, you can expect to spend months getting everything ready – from filling out paperwork to becoming a tenant in a building, paying for utilities, and dealing with high retail overheads and operating costs.

One way to cut down on costs is to use shipping containers. Many of them are fitted with hydraulic systems and can be operated by central control, which means they require less labour overall. This can help you save on labour costs, giving you more leeway to invest in other areas of your business.

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Jennings Containers is here to support your business

At Jennings Containers, we know that modified shipping containers can help many organisations by improving work efficiency, appealing to customers, and adapting to challenges. 

To learn more about how shipping container structures can directly benefit your business, take a look at our most recent blogs. To determine if a shipping container shop is a right solution for your company, give us a call at 01865 692 770 or email us at to speak to your local container expert.


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