5 business ideas you can start in a pop-up container

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Why you should choose a pop-up container for your business

Since the pandemic, the UK has seen a considerable rise in entrepreneurs stepping up to create their own businesses. Working from home, losing our careers and spending more time with our families have caught us wanting to make a change in our lives for the better. 

If you are one of these people, you may be looking for business premises to start your business. If the thought of high street renting costs is putting you off, why not consider the alternative – a pop-up container

There are many reasons why a shipping container could be the perfect premises for your business. They are cheaper than standard business locations, meaning your running costs are dramatically reduced. Shipping containers are also portable, so it’s more straightforward if you need to move your business for any reason. 

Pop-up containers are also such a unique space to have, and customers will be drawn to a different area rather than their typical high street location. Lastly, you would be working towards protecting the environment by reusing something that has already had one life! What’s not to love about a pop-container business?

Pop-up container coffee shop

As high street shoppers, we love a quirky coffee shop where we can get something a little different and be surrounded by unique things. Coffee shops are great for a variety of customers, whether they are getting some work done, meeting friends or simply grabbing to leave. A pop-up container coffee shop will entice your visitors and give them a coffee with a difference everyone loves. 

Shipping container gift shop

Small gift shops always seem to make a roaring trade in coastal towns. Tourists and holidaymakers flock to smaller gift stores to purchase presents for loved ones and keep mementoes from their time away. If you are considering starting a small gift store but cannot afford the rising business costs to rent a space in town, a pop-up container could be an excellent way for you to find premises and add your gifts to the market for customers to see. 

Pop-up clothing retailer 

If you have a passion for fashion and are desperate to start selling your clothing, why not set up your very own store in a pop-up container? The benefit of shipping containers for your clothing store is that you can simply add to your square footage with more containers as you get busier! Invite your guests into your unique space and show off your clothing choices. 

Pop-up containers are surprisingly roomy inside, meaning you can separate your room into clothing sections and still have comfy seating and a till area where you can make your sales.

Retro book store

Bookshops are always popular, and it’s such a shame to see them disappearing from our high streets due to online sales. There is something comforting about walking into a book store, and many of your customers will enjoy their retro or industrial surroundings as they peruse your bookshelves. Bring books back to your home town when you purchase a pop-up container to house your books and invite avid readers in. 

Container florists 

Combine your love of flower arranging with your career when you set up a pop-up container in your town. Everyone loves flowers, but unfortunately, we often don’t think of getting them for someone until the last minute – meaning delivery is out of the question! Give your customers the chance to walk past your container florists and pick up a last-minute gift for loved ones. 

Using a 20ft container, you will have space to store your flowers, arrange them for your customers and take payments. Why not change the side of your container to open upwards so you can also put your flowers outside and still keep an eye on them?

Bicycle repair shop

Every cyclist needs a bicycle repair shop during their time, and having a pop-container repair shop could give cyclists an easy route to visit you and get their bikes repaired. Use it as a simple workshop space on private land or turn it into a more commercial space where customers can wait whilst their bikes are being repaired – the choices really are endless! 

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Jennings Containers is here to support your pop-up container business 

Starting your business should be an exciting time, and when you choose to look for a pop-up container with Jennings Containers, we aim to offer you a stress-free process from choosing your shipping container to placing it onsite. 

For over 20 years, we have been supporting our customers to purchase or rent containers for a variety of things, whether they are looking for onsite offices, long term storage space or temporary construction site tool protection. 

We believe in honesty and transparency and not hiding costs from you. This makes us the cost-effective container company choice for your business in 2022. 

If you are looking to start a pop-up container business or you would like more information on the shipping containers we have available, why not get in contact with the team today and get your important questions answered?


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