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purchase a container

Should I buy or lease a shipping container?

Once you have decided you need a shipping container, whether that’s for work or your personal life, you need to understand whether it’s more appropriate for you to lease or purchase a container. This decision will depend on your situation. Do you know how long you are going to need a container? 

Is it likely to be for an indefinite period, or do you have an end date in mind? If you are going to need your container for a long or indefinite period, it makes sense to purchase it; however, if you only need it for a short time, leasing may be a more cost-effective solution. 

Which type of container do I need?

Now you have made the decision to purchase a container, which type of container do you need? The most important aspect to consider is the sizing and what you plan to store or ship

The last thing you want to do is purchase a container, only to find that it does not fit all of your gear, or you have way too much space left over. At Jennings Containers, we offer a variety of container types to suit every need: 

6FT container – Our smallest container is a great option if you need small, secure storage space. These containers are also a great alternative to your average garden shed

8FT container – Good size if you need secure site storage, but space is limited or restricted

9FT container – Perfect secure storage solution when space is limited or restricted

10FT container – Great option for small-to-medium-sized storage requirements when space is at a premium. They are most commonly used for shipping and storage applications, holding general tools, site equipment and household goods

10FT high cube container – Good choice if you want a 10ft container but need the extra height

20FT container – Our most commonly requested size is perfect for storing a variety of compact equipment

20FT high cube container – If you need additional height, our 20ft cube container would be ideal

40FT container – Ideal for storage of long items or when you would rather have one storage container rather than several smaller ones

40FT high cube container – Good for when you need lots of storage but with extra height

10FT & 20FT container offices – Super affordable option for a site office or home office

10FT & 20FT Side opening container – Ideal for large, heavy materials and loading with forklifts

Where can I purchase a container?

From Jennings Containers, of course! We have been supplying various shipping containers since our humble beginnings in 1992. If you are looking for great advice, a friendly team and support with all your container needs, look no further than Jennings to purchase a container

We are conveniently based in Oxfordshire with excellent links to Oxford, London and Buckinghamshire. 

Can I collect my shipping container?

There is nothing small about a shipping container, and you will need a specialist haulage lorry to transport your container to its final destination. If you have the capacity and the means to transport your container, you may absolutely collect from us. Alternatively, we can arrange delivery at a suitable time and place. 

What is a container made from?

Generally, shipping containers are made from corten steel, otherwise known as weathering steel. This material makes them perfect for long distances on open seas, where they are likely to be affected by all sorts of weather, not to mention the continuous sea spray that comes onto the deck. 

Shipping containers, therefore, are perfect for storing items safely and securely, thanks to their robust build and strong material.

How much does a container weigh?

This all depends on which size you are purchasing. Our containers come in a variety of different weights due to their size, but to give you an idea, a 20ft container is likely to weigh around 2.5 tons, and a 40ft container will weigh approximately 4 tons. 

When you purchase a container, our team will support you to choose the right weight.  

Are shipping containers secure?

Thanks to the material they are built with, shipping containers are some of the most secure spaces. This is what makes them perfect for storage facilities. They become even more secure when locked using a heavy-duty padlock and fitted with a lock box. 

Can I paint my shipping container?

Absolutely, painting your shipping container will support lengthening its life. Marine-grade paint should always be used to paint your shipping container. This paint is incredibly durable and provides good protection from adverse weather. 

You will be able to purchase this paint from any reputable online retailer. if you have decided to rent instead of purchase a container, we recommend you don’t paint it!

Can shipping containers be stacked?

Yes, shipping containers can be stacked, which is another reason they make such suitable units for storage facilities. Shipping containers are at their strongest when stacked on top of one another, matching the longest sides together. 

If you plan to purchase more than one container with a view of stacking them in a crossed pattern, you will need to reinforce the bottom container to ensure it remains at its strongest. 

Do you sell container accessories?

Not only do we sell and hire out containers, but we can also offer you all the necessary equipment you need to keep your shipping container in complete working order. 

Vents – Keep the air flowing through your container with our simple but effective vents. 

Racking – Stay organised in your container with our effective racking systems. 

Padlocks – Keep your container safe from intruders with our heavy-duty padlocking systems.

Lighting – No matter what time of day or night you need to access your container, use our lighting systems to stay safe. 

Container lock boxes – Add an extra layer of security to your container with our container lock boxes.


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