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Research has shown that moving house is one of the most stressful life events – but it doesn’t need to be! Follow these top ten packing and moving tips in order to make sure that the first stage of your house move goes as smoothly as possible in order to keep everything stress free:

1. Don’t Overload

One of the most important things you should do when packing is make sure you don’t overload your boxes. Always make sure you pack books in smaller boxes and lighter items like bedding in larger boxes. If a box is over loaded it could lead to damaged items if the box breaks, it could also lead to health problems if you attempt to lift an over loaded box.

2. Use a System

Don’t just chuck things in a box but have a clear system of how you are going to begin packing. Always pack each room in turn so you don’t miss anything in the room.

3. Label Clearly

Once you have identified your system and started packing your items you need to make sure you clearly label all your boxes. Always write on the box the name of the room and a list of what the box contains. This will make life a lot easier when you are unpacking your boxes.

4. Wrap Valuables and padding boxes

In order to prevent damage from occurring use bubble-wrap or packing paper. Make sure that your fragile items are placed in separate boxes and don’t pack your delicate ornaments with heavy objects. If you have breakables packed within a spacious box then make sure you pad it out with materials such as bubble wrap or even your sofa cushions in order to stop items from hitting each other. If you are packing your kitchen make sure you individually wrap each plate or glass.

5. Spread Weight Evenly

Don’t put all of the heavy items in one box as this will only cause damage to the box and the person carrying out. Try to distribute the weight of items evenly across all of the boxes to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

6. Stack Logically

Once your boxes are packed make sure that you stack them logically to avoid damage. Always stack your heavy boxes at the bottom, with the lighter and fragile ones towards on top.

7. Load Large Items First

When you are packing your van make sure you put items on furniture on first. You should put your chest of draws in then place some protection on top of it like a removal blanket, followed by your boxes. Always try and stand your sofas on the ends as this will save you

space in your van. Remember to keep your valuable and fragile items in a safe place.

8. Start Early

Leaving packing to the last minute is the easiest way to create a stressful move. Start early and make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get things sorted. Try and pack your non essential items early and stack the boxes in your garage or spare room. This will save time on the day of your removal.

9. Leave the Essentials Until Last

It is easy to get carried away when packing, but remember that you still need to live in your current residence till you are ready to move. Leave packing essential items, such as the kettle, till last to ensure that you are able to enjoy your home before the move.

10. Put items in storage

If you are placing your items into a storage unit, always make sure you put your essentials at the front of the unit. You don’t want to have to unload the whole storage unit just to get that essential item out a few days later!

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