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Jennings Containers 2021 guide to why you need a Shipping Container

Shipping Container

If you’re looking for a secure and reliable way to store your supplies or goods at your business location, shipping containers are an excellent idea. Shipping containers add the convenience of having a storage unit that’s portable when you need it but hard-wired to your site when you don’t.

What can a shipping container be used for?

Shipping containers are incredibly versatile and often understated. There are many ways to utilise a container, and these are not limited to generic construction support and storage: 

It is also becoming increasingly popular to utilise shipping containers for small living spaces, pop up shops and restaurants, and increase your home square footage for a study and creative studios. 

These points prove that shipping containers are incredibly diverse and can be adapted to suit any needs, not just to store and ship items across the world.

The benefits of working with a shipping company

The benefits of using a shipping container company to support your storage needs are many. If you require storage and are considering using a shipping container to answer your challenges, you can benefit from the following:

Safety and security – shipping containers have already proved their worth as being the safest way to transport goods. They are secure, having lock mechanisms that stop unwanted access. They are also built to withstand almost every type of weather condition on earth.

Ongoing expert advice and support – choosing to work with a shipping container company means you benefit from their advice and expertise throughout your journey with them. Whether you need guidance in selecting the correct container or support to move your container to the right location, a shipping container company will help with these elements and more. 

Complete container service solution – having a shipping container company working with you can be a blessing. The right company will be able to provide a full-service solution from identifying the suitable container, ensuring it’s weatherproof and able to withstand the elements, and finally utilising a haulage vehicle to bring it to you. 

Range of container sizes – working with a shipping container company will often mean that you will have various options to choose from, depending on what works best for you and your needs. Your chosen company will be able to support you to choose the ideal container. 

Why do you need a shipping container?

If you are looking to move your products around the UK, a shipping container is the most helpful way to support your product journey. Storing your items in this waterproof metal container will ensure they arrive at their destination without damage from water, the elements and general transit. These containers were built to last and protect any items you choose to store inside. 

Are you a project manager for a construction site, looking to store tools overnight in a safe location? Many construction sites choose to utilise a shipping container whilst their project is in motion because they are safe, cannot be transported without a haulage vehicle, and incredibly difficult to break into. 

You may be considering a project at home, such as creating extra space for your work or renovating your existing building. For either choice, you should consider using a shipping container. Perfect for storing your household items whilst you get to work upgrading or being the footprint of your new addition. Shipping containers have the capacity to both store and create, giving you the perfect space for whatever you need. 

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Utilising Haulage services to give you peace of mind

When you purchase or hire a shipping container, you need to be sure it will be delivered and installed safely, quickly and effectively. Working with Jennings Containers will give you peace of mind that not only will you source the ideal container, but it will be delivered safely and quickly with their container transport services. 

A Haulage company will provide and drive the transport specifically designed to carry freight and heavy goods. The fleet of vehicles Jennings Containers utilise has various size self-loading shipping container lorries, all of which are fitted with HIAB cranes, perfect for delivering and installing shipping containers to most locations across the UK. 

All operators are FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) registered (bronze and above), and if required, they can organise transport for those site requiring FORS ratings of silver or above.   

Jennings Containers – the shipping container specialists you can trust

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for Jennings Containers. Their expert team are always on hand with all the knowledge and advice you could need when sourcing an ideal container. Jennings Containers are a complete service solution for those requiring both a container and a Haulage company, meaning you remain stress-free and fully supported from sourcing to installation. 

For a cost-effective container company with an experienced team, choose Jennings Containers for all your shipping container needs. We are located in Oxfordshire and support clients across the United Kingdom.


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