How Can Self Storage Help You?

The revolution of self storage systems have become more and more popular in recent years. Before, when a family were moving house, boxes would be piled up in garages, and spread across the homes of friends and neighbours. The biggest problem with moving house is that the dates of when you are moving out of […]

Living in Oxford

The city of Oxford is world renowned for its top universities and as a result of the number of students who are in full time education, the city has quite a unique demographic. Around a quarter of the population are students and around a third of the population are within the 18-29 age bracket. The […]

Moving House

There are many reasons that result in the decision to move house. These include getting closer to work or family, moving into or out of the city and moving in with a partner. However, the most common reason behind the decision to move is because the family need more space. When the house begins to […]

Online Business Growth

The accessibility and affordability of modern technology has transformed the way that consumers browse and shop. In response to changing customer habits many retail companies have altered the way they operate. These two factors have resulted in e-commerce becoming the fastest growing retail market in Europe. Whilst there is still a place for traditional shops, […]

Collections in Oxford

Oxford is renowned not only for its universities, but also for the museums, art galleries and other public buildings that are full of collections that inspire and enhance learning. Any day of the year it is possible to visit a museum in Oxford and gain access to spectacular items from the past and present. Below […]

Preventing Arguments When Living Together

Whether you have a family home, are sharing student accommodation with others, or even enjoying a holiday with friends, everyone living or staying in that property will have different ideas on cleanliness and tidiness. Some people love the minimalist look, whilst others collect mountains of stuff. Some people are extremely house proud and like their […]

Alternatives to Moving

A new baby, step children or an elderly relation; when we are trying to fit a growing family into our existing property, we can be left with the strong feeling that we need more space. As we start tripping over each other’s stuff in the hallway or invading each other’s privacy, there can be a […]

Creating Space

Whether you are in the office or at home, chances are that the rooms have been decorated with tinsel, trees and possibly a sprig of mistletoe over Christmas. Taking it down for another year can disappoint some, but for the majority of people, it can feel like a good clear out. You suddenly get a […]

Creating Space for Christmas

So, your Christmas preparations are underway. You’ve decided to buy the children new bikes and other members of your family have bulky items too. Where can you safely store these gifts so that they remain a secret until Christmas morning? You’ve invited family and friends over for festive celebrations, but now need to work out […]

Thame Car And Van Hire

Want to move your stuff yourself? Need a bigger car or van to do that? We can help. Barretts Self Storage have recently partnered with Thame car and van hire to offer you rates on van and car hire. With a huge range of car and van sizes to choose from, you can rent from […]