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So, your Christmas preparations are underway. You’ve decided to buy the children new bikes and other members of your family have bulky items too. Where can you safely store these gifts so that they remain a secret until Christmas morning?

You’ve invited family and friends over for festive celebrations, but now need to work out how everyone will fit in! It’s probably a good idea to clear some space, but you’re actually adding to the clutter with Christmas trees and festive decorations. Is there a solution?

Yes, Self-Storage

Many people consider self-storage as an option when they are trying to clear and neutralise their home before putting it up for sale or rent. It can be an equally valuable option for other times when you need to create space and Christmas is one such example.

If you are looking for a clean, dry and secure place to temporarily hide away some possessions that you don’t need on a daily basis, self-storage could be the answer. A small space may be sufficient to help you relieve some of the pressures and stresses that are all part of the countdown to Christmas.

Many modern homes don’t have a garage and even those that do may not be ideal for storing gifts and other precious items. For a start, there is an issue with keeping the items secure, but it can also be a challenge to keep them clean and dry. Let’s face it, even though the packaging is quickly discarded, no one wants to put a damaged gift under the tree.

Getting bulky items up into the attic can also pose a few problems as you balance on a ladder and try to find the right angle that will allow you to fit the item in. Self-storage units are easy to get items in and out of and can save a lot of hassle. With 24 hour access, customers can come and go to their self-storage unit as they please. A detour on the way home from a shopping trip and no one needs to know about the treat they have in store!

If you are trying to create more space for visitors, a self-storage unit could be used for packing up items that won’t be used over the festive season, so you have more room for tables, chairs, beds and the Christmas tree.

It also provides a great opportunity for a declutter. Pack up a few boxes of items and put them into storage for a month or two. When the festivities are over and you have more time in the January, you can set to work unpacking the boxes. However, take time to really think whether you’ve missed the items and if they should be returned to your home. You may have enjoyed the uncluttered feel of your interiors and decide that the charity shop is a better option.

If you are looking for professional, secure and affordable self-storage, Oxford based Barretts  can assist. We provide a range of units in different sizes to best meet our customer’s needs. Whether you are looking for short or long term hire, we have an option to suit you.