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Why self-storage could be the answer to moving house

There are many reasons that result in the decision to move to a new house. These include moving closer to work or family, moving into or out of the city or moving in with a partner. However, the most common reason behind the decision to move is because you and your family simply need more space.

Is moving house the right decision?

When the house begins to feel cluttered and everyone feels like they are on top of each other, it can cause tension and make life seem harder work. Young children may be happy sharing a room, but as they grow up, they start to dream of having their own space. We also like to have the room to accommodate family and friends in comfort, even if they only visit a couple of times a year.

Whilst moving house may seem like the obvious decision, it is a lengthy and disruptive process. You need to invest time into getting your house looking as good as possible to ensure a sale and you need to keep it tidy for viewings. At the same time, you need to be out there finding your new property and working out how moving to a new area will impact on your commute, the children’s schools and your proximity to family.

The cost of moving can also be prohibitive, as you can expect to pay between £50,000 and £150,000 more for a home with an extra bedroom. In addition to that, there are the estate agents, removal company, and stamp duty fees, along with the cost of any renovation work you undertake to help the new property feel like your own.


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Use self-storage to create the space you need

It might feel like we haven’t enough space, but in reality, we are simply not using the space we have wisely. If you are keeping a spare room for visitors, storing stuff and as a place to hang the washing on a rainy day, it isn’t the most effective use of the space. By changing it into a playroom, office or teen den, you may be able to give everyone a bit more space.

It is also cheaper to pay for friends or relatives to stay in a local B&B when they visit than to move to a new house. With a bit of clever interior work, you might achieve what you desire. For example, knocking down a wall and extending a downstairs cupboard, might create an open plan living space with a small second bathroom.

Self-storage can also be valuable for storing items that are filling up our homes. You may have a stack of files that can’t be disposed of, some family heirlooms that you want to keep, but haven’t the space to display or seasonal items such as camping gear or Christmas decorations. They fill your cupboards, but are too precious to get rid of.

Renting a self-storage unit means these items are kept safe, dry, clean and secure and you can access them when they are needed, but there is more living space for your family.

It’s also a great option if you do carry out any renovation or DIY work to create the extra space you’re looking for. To stop your belongings getting in the way or getting damaged, pack it up and put it into short term storage until you’ve finished your work.

If you are looking for cheap self-storage, Oxford based Jennings Containers & Storage has a range of different sized units to rent for personal and commercial use.

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