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According to the latest Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) report, the number of self employed people in the UK is at its highest levels in 40 years. Self employment now accounts for 15% of the total UK workforce, which is up from 12% at the turn of the Millennium.

Technology and Self Employment

The affordability and accessibility of digital technology has certainly had a positive impact on those who want to branch out on their own. With smart technology, a business owner can be out and about, promoting their business and attending meetings or training courses whilst still having the capacity to answer customer calls or respond to emails in a timely manner.

Technology has also opened up the opportunity to set up an online business. You no longer need physical premises in order to attract customers and secure orders. Whilst there are still benefits to meeting prospects, suppliers and partners in person, a lot of interactions can and are carried out via phone calls, email and social media. Therefore, with minimal outlay, a new business can get up and running.

If you are arranging meetings, a recent growth in the number of business hubs and cafes with Wi-Fi access can solve a number of issues. Such venues mean that you can retain a professional image, even if your main headquarters is your spare bedroom.

Investing in Support

Seeking support can really help you to keep all of the plates spinning. Investing in a Bookkeeper, outsourcing your admin to a Virtual Assistant, seeking advice from a Business Coach or renting a storage space for stock may all seem like a drain on your budget, but they can be valuable ways to ensure that you can continue to operate. Such support networks free up time for you to work on areas of the business that are your priority or speciality.

If you are looking for a clean, dry, secure yet accessible place to keep your stock, paperwork or resources the answer could be self storage. With units of the ideal size for tradesman tools, small scale files or e-commerce stock you can have the space to work from home. If you are looking for self storage, Oxford based Barretts can help.

Work Life Balance

With the right systems in place, you can create your ideal work life balance. You might decide to start work early and then finish in time to enjoy a round of golf, pick the kids up from school or attend an evening course. You can take on fewer clients in the summer to free up some time and make up for it through the winter months.

With a home based business, you instantly avoid the time, costs and energy involved in the daily commute. You can put this time to much better use, whether its work, rest or play. You may also chose to work from a hotel, holiday home or café, rather than your home office. It is this freedom that really appeals to many of the people that have already taken the step into self employment. Are you ready to do the same?