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A container lock box can help secure your shipping container unit

What is a container lock box?

A container lock box is a safety feature that can help prevent theft. The container lock box is a sturdy steel box which is mounted to the deck of the container. The steel box is lockable and provides a safe place to store your valuable items while they are in transit. The container lock box also adds a level of security to your goods as it provides you with a safe and secure location to keep your goods while you are away. A container lock box can also be used to store valuable items while the container is in storage.

Who is Jennings Containers?

Jennings Containers provides a variety of container lock boxes

Jennings Containers is proud to provide a variety of container lock boxes for your convenience. Our container lock boxes come in a variety of sizes and can fit any unit. We understand that you may want to keep valuables on site, but you don’t want to leave them out in plain sight for theft. Our container lock boxes can be installed in your container so you can keep your valuables safe. Container lock boxes are a great way to secure your possessions, even if you are not at the site. Simply lock the container lock box and keep your valuables safe.

Shipping Container Twist Lock Stacking Pins x 4

  • Designed to secure and hold shipping containers together when stacking.
  • 50 tons breaking load
  • Prevents stacked containers from moving or falling off
  • High-quality cast steel construction.
  • Treated with a galvanized finish, the twist locks will last a long time in the most rigorous environment.
  • Complies with health and safety requirements.

Bolt-on Lock Box Right Hand Opening (Standard)

  • The Bolt-on lockbox is a popular modification.
  • It keeps your lockout of view and protects a padlock from being accessible to bolt cutters.
  • Easy to install and added security.

Shipping container lorry warehouse bolt-on lock box with a heavy-duty padlock

  • Wrap-around end covers to prevent pry barring.
  • Constructed of seamless good quality steel.
  • Supplied with top quality padlock (5 keys included) which is itself drill proof, pick proof and bump proof.
  • Easy to fit, it just requires just 4 x 12mm holes to be drilled in doors.

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Order your container lock box with Jennings today

Your container is an investment – make sure it’s safe! With container lock boxes, you can secure your possessions and have peace of mind. Jennings Containers offers a secure, portable solution to help protect your valuable items. With Jennings Containers, you can rest assured that your possessions are safe.

To order your container lock box, simply visit our website and choose the ideal security item for you and your container. Have confidence that when you leave your site for the day, your items will be protected until you return. 

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