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With the sizes of homes getting smaller, and the ability to throw away still being a big problem for a lot of people, self storage solutions are becoming somewhat of a revelation. To gain extra space in a house, perhaps for an extra bedroom for a new born, or the need to have an office for work, people are now converting rather than moving. This is partly due to the recession, but also in order for people to do it themselves and achieve their gratification in some DIY work. Converting a junk room, garage or loft will inevitably mean that whatever was in that room before, now needs to go somewhere else. Furthermore, the design and style of living has now become minimalist; clean lines and no clutter. But we’re still a nation of hoarders, so your 15 year old African antique statue has to live somewhere, but it’s not going to be the skip.

Oxford Self storage

Self storage solutions in Oxford can provide ample space for you to store your belongings, and this can be for a number of reasons or occasions. The most obvious usage is for homeowners, particularly those who are moving house. It can often be difficult to tie up moving dates, and so having your belongings in storage for this period of time makes things a lot easier, and reduces the stress and worry for you. Barretts self storage are flexible with dates offering short term and long term options, and also 24 hour access to your belongings. This reassurance means you can access your possessions whenever need be, but also put your mind at ease that your contents are safe.

Oxfordshire is the home to bustling universities, and two that students will travel far and wide from to attend. Oxford University is one of the countries’ most prestigious, thus so it attracts young people from across the world. At first, for the student, being accepted into the notable university is incredible, but at some point, the journey to live in Oxford for a number of years will need to be made. Obviously travelling a distance can be tricky with boxes and suitcases of your cherished belongings. How about looking into self storage in order to make your transfer easier? This could be to separate the trip up so that you can travel with manageable loads, or, putting the excess into storage if you find that you have bought too much with you!

Businesses are turning to Barretts not only for storage, but to help grow their business. Start-up, online and e-commerce businesses are using self storage to keep their products, and in some cases, the business is actually run from the container. Goods that are being produced can be delivered directly to your self storage, and then dispatched onto the customers for delivery. Having little or no physical involvement with the transaction means that you have time to focus on the running of your business, rather than packaging products and spending time making trips down to the post office.

As well as furniture and belongings, cars, motor homes, motorbikes and other vehicles can also be stored in a dry, safe area, with regular maintenance on the car so that you can be reassured that it will work as you left it! A long holiday, crossing over from buying and selling a new car, or to just free up some space on the driveway might be your reason for storing your car in a reliable, highly recommended storage solution system.