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It might not seem like four years have passed since the UK was gearing up to host the Olympics. Many people were sceptical about how every detail would come together in time, but the event proved to be a great success. At the end of the event, the baton was handed over to Brazil, the first South American country to host the Olympics.

The countdown to Rio 2016 continues and considerable effort is put into getting all of the venues, athletes, support teams and infrastructure ready for the competition. Some may have doubts about whether the city can pull off such a grand event, but February provided a reminder that Rio pulls off one of the most magnificent events every year.

Rio Carnival

Since the 1700’s the community has drawn together to celebrate in style. The 2016 Rio Carnival was no exception. Over the course of five days millions of people gather to take part or enjoy the spectacle that brings together music, dance, costumes, food and festivities.

Samba music fills the air as unbelievable parades pass through the city streets. Communities come out in force to join the party and the most elaborate costumes and headdresses make this a truly eye catching event. The intensity of colour, sparkle, feathers and jewels would make your typical pantomime dame look low key.

To put on such a massive event takes considerable planning, time and effort. Thousands of hours of work can go into creating just one of the multitudes of costumes and the samba bands will have been dedicated to practicing throughout the year. Feeding, hosting and transporting the huge numbers of revellers is a significant challenge, yet year after year, the show goes on.

This year’s event has drawn to a close and following the party, the people of Rio take time to respect the religious reflection on Lent. It won’t be long before plans and preparations for next year’s carnival begin.

Theatres and Carnivals in the UK

The UK might not have carnivals on the epic scale of Rio, but there are still teams of people busily creating bright, bold costumes for smaller parades, street performances, theatre productions and talent shows. Once created, these wardrobe masterpieces need to rise to the occasion during the big event. After the performance, they need to be carefully stored in a dry, clean environment until they are next worn, or adapted for another show.

Space can be at a premium, so performers and costume managers may struggle to find a suitable place to keep the costumes between performances. Self storage units could provide the ideal solution. Self storage offers dry, clean and secure spaces, which could be fitted with hanging rails for costumes. You might even select a unit with sufficient space to set up a sewing machine or two and keep all the threads, gems and other haberdashery items that are needed to transform a piece of fabric into an elaborate costume.

For theatre groups, community groups and individual performers looking for self storage, Oxford based Barretts can assist. We offer units of various sizes, so you can find the ideal space for your costumes and even your carnival float!