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The revolution of self storage systems have become more and more popular in recent years. Before, when a family were moving house, boxes would be piled up in garages, and spread across the homes of friends and neighbours. The biggest problem with moving house is that the dates of when you are moving out of your house and into your new house do not match up. Therefore, a lot of people will have any amount of time from a few days to a few weeks in limbo land, hopping around from sofa to hotel room, with the bare minimums, and worrying about the whereabouts of all of your belongings.

Self storage solutions allow you to be able to put all of your belongings in one place, for any period of time while you are moving house, re-decorating, selling, having a sort out or just clearing up for some extra space. Therefore, you can easily clear up your home in order for you to do whatever you need to. Self storage can also be very useful for businesses in Oxford, particularly if going through an office move, migration, decorating, or for storing products. Businesses are turning to self storage solutions to be able to free up space, and continue cash flow in the business, without clogging up homes or shops.

With many spaces available at storage facilities, you will be able to acquire your space almost instantaneously, allowing you to keep up with the fast paced process of moving house. You will be able to rent your space for a time frame that suits you, and can easily extend this if needs be. Having this flexibility of space and time for your possessions means that you can have a peace of mind while you carry out what you need to do at your home or office. Furthermore, self storage locations offer great access to your storage box, allowing you to pop in if you need to add to it, or if you’ve forgotten your daughter’s favourite teddy.

With your self storage box, you will have vehicle access allowing you to easily load and unload your contents, without having to make multiple trips to and from the car park. Furthermore, there are often trolleys, pallet trucks, and even forklift trucks if you require one, enabling your transfers to be as simple as possible.

The security of storage facilities can often be questioned, and many people’s greatest concern about investing in self storage solutions will be that their possessions might not be safe. However, having such a large quantities of people’s belongings means that security and insurance is top of the range to reassure you. CCTV, alarms, perimeter security fencing, smoke detectors and fire alarms are just the basic prevention techniques used. It is essential to ensure that you have your possessions insured, and most storage companies will request this as standard.

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