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We have just added our recycling policy to our website and ‘about time too’ you might well say. Why has it taken us so long? The answer to that is, ‘I don’t really know’. I suppose it was sheer laziness. In reality, we have always had an in house recycling policy, we even set up a Recycling Centre on the Monument Business Park six or so years ago, when it was not fashionable to do so and there were certainly no grants around to help us. I have to say that it struggled too, mainly because most other businesses were not that interested in disposing of their waste in an ethical manner, not because they did not want to, but because it took up a lot of extra hours and manpower and they needed to concentrate on their core business. So what has changed?

Consumer awareness I think. All councils have a recycling centre and everyone is more aware that they have a responsiblity to be greener in their waste disposal. Hopefully this awareness now translates through to businesses too. Although I am sure that many of the smaller SMEs ‘think’ about it, as we did, and not too many actually commit anything to writing.

The reason that we have decided to devote more time to this came mainly from the influences of other businesses. Two of these are where they not only work with recycling, but also help disavantaged people by giving them employment within their organisation and they operate a recycling service for businesses on the Monument Business Park and (see upcycled chair in picture rescued from landfill) whose mission it is to create works of art by upcycling through using all recycled products – what could be more sustainable and green? They are looking to work with any businesses who have waste that they might be able to use.

We are now looking at all of our suppliers to see how ethical and green their policies are and we hope that our customers are doing the same.

Barretts Storage Recycling Policy

As part of ongoing sustainability efforts, Barretts Storage will ensure wherever possible to recycle all paper, bottles, cans and furniture to work towards recycling and composting as much business waste from being landfilled.

The purpose of our recycling policy is to set up and maintain our commitment to sustainable stewardship through recycling, waste prevention, purchasing recycled content products and energy and water conservation.

When possible, Barretts Storage will place a preference on doing business with companies that demonstrate an excellence in sustainable operations.