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Top 4 reasons to use self-storage in Oxford

Self-storage has become increasingly popular in Oxford along with the rest of the UK. The overruling motive behind this may not be completely obvious; perhaps we are collecting a larger amount of personal belongings that we don’t want to part with, or maybe it’s the clean and crisp contemporary designs more evident within our homes that don’t quite allow for clutter. Thankfully there are many secure cheap self-storage units available for us to fill; here are the top 4 reasons self-storage is used in Oxford:

4 reasons

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You’re an international student (or you live quite far away!)

There is a vast student population in the UK with over 1,000,000 people currently enrolled on either a full or part time university course. As Oxford has two universities to offer it is no wonder that self-storage units are often rented by university students over the summer break. After all, when you have to fill every nook and cranny of two cars to transport your belongings between your uni town and your hometown it’s not a task you wish to carry out on an annual basis. Now think of how expensive all the extra baggage would be for international students to cart home! At Jennings, we offer fully flexible student storage solutions, so whether you need to store all your stuff or just a couple of boxes, we’ll be able to help you out.

Cheap self-storage can help sell your house

Reports clearly show that a cluttered house is much more difficult to sell than one that has just enough stuff to make it appear homely. Therefore, many people trying to move to a new house begin their packing a little early and remove any unnecessary items before the house goes onto the market. If you don’t have a handy garage or shed, keeping them in a self-storage unit until you are ready to unpack them into their new home is an ideal option.

And if you have an unexpected break in a moving chain, you may also find you need to store larger items such as furniture until you buy a new property. At Jennings Containers and Storage we provide a vast range of unit sizes so you can choose the one that is most appropriate to your needs.

You just don’t have enough space!

Storage units are increasingly filled by devoted hoarders who can’t seem to part with old items such as schoolbooks or their kid’s first pair of shoes. Recent studies have actually suggested that hoarding to a certain extent is quite healthy due to the nostalgia and happiness connected to the collected items. So, keep on hoarding and be thankful, that when you run out of room at home, you have somewhere to put it all!

Others may find it easier to throw out or recycle unused items but will still not have enough space to store less frequently used items, such as seasonal belongings such as skiing equipment or garden furniture. That’s when cheap self-storage seems to be the perfect solution for many Oxford residents.

You need a secure space to store important archived documents

Small to medium sized businesses often use archiving storage units to keep important documents that can’t be thrown away for legal reasons but are no longer required in the office. Off-site document storage services are the ideal solution, as they allow you to store all your paperwork securely in one place, and still allow access whenever you need it. It also allows for a much clearer work environment free of huge filling cabinets.

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