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Keep, throw out or put into short term storage: tips on improving business efficiency

In any business there will always be considerable demands on your time, finances and resources. Juggling the responsibilities does present a challenge, but it can be easier to manage if you are organised in your approach. Clear systems and procedures, regular updates and training and efficient working methods all have a positive impact on your ability to get things done.

At this time of year, we often talk of having a spring clean. We often consider this as something relating to the home, but it can be just as effective in the workplace. A spring clean can be as simple as having a bit of a clear out and taking advantage of archiving storage solutionsor it can provide you with the opportunity to take stock of your business in its current format, gain clarity and focus on the priorities and regain a sense of order.

A day or two out of normal working practices may seem excessive and wasteful, however the benefits of decluttering and reorganising can be far reaching. Apart from benefiting from more space, if you decide to put some items into short term storage, you could also see improvements in productivity, customer service, and financial management along with a reduction in stress. When considered from this perspective, it becomes a far more valuable use of time.

When it comes to a clear out, you can address online files, emails and software in addition to the physical items on shelves, in cupboards and on work surfaces. It can be helpful to put items into one of four categories; Rubbish, Redundant, Occasional Use and Valuable.

Rubbish – things that just aren’t worth keeping

We are all guilty of holding onto things that have no value to us or anyone else. From machinery that no longer operates and can’t be fixed, to junk emails, any items in the ‘rubbish’ pile should be binned or deleted. Some items may be suitable for the recycling bin, but either way let’s get rid of it.

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Redundant- items which might benefit others

Redundant items no longer have a value to your company, but they could be useful to others. If you have upgraded your furniture, computers or machinery, the old items could be donated to start-up businesses or charity organisations. Look for local organisations that may be able to use what you no longer need, so you can gain some much needed space.

Occasional Use – ideal items to put into short term storage

Exhibition stands, seasonal products, document files, specialist machinery, tools, manuals and training resources are just some of the items that you may use a few times per year, but you generally don’t need regular access to. Do you have the space to tuck them out of the way in an organised fashion, which makes it straightforward to locate them when needed?

If not, then renting space in a local self storage facility could be the solution. Short term self-storage offers a clean, dry and secure place where occasionally used items can be organised and stored. With 24 hour access, you can get to your items whenever they are required, but at all other times, they are out of the way. For businesses in the South East looking for self-storage, Oxford based Jennings Containers and Storage offers an extensive range of business support and facilities to suit all requirements.

Items of Value – the important stuff

With the other things out of the way, you are left with the items of value. This is where you need to focus your attention and with more space and less clutter you will find it is easier to get organised, find and use things with ease and generally establish a sense of order. Isn’t it time to invest in prioritising your business?

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