The future of shipping containers as a tiny home project

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Shipping containers could be the future of alternative housing

Many of us will have seen the news recently regarding Reading’s project to build 40 pods that will offer their homeless population a space to live and rebuild their lives independently. But Reading are not the only people who are using shipping containers as a way of building new, sustainable homes. Could shipping containers offer the answer to sustainable living in the future?

This month, Jennings Containers looking into the future of alternative housing and how shipping containers could support a tiny home project for many in the future. 

Reading’s shipping container homes for the homeless project

Dutifully named modular homes, Reading’s forward-thinking and proactive homelessness action took to the news in recent weeks after they designed and created a range of shipping container homes to be used for temporary housing of Readings homeless. 40 pods have been stationed in a neighbourhood style and all feature a bedroom, bathroom facilities and a small kitchen. The idea behind the project, with the support from St Mungo’s, is to assist those who have been affected by homelessness and help them begin an independent life over 2-3 years. 

The project is being funded from a grant given to Reading Borough Council of £2.3 million by the government. The site will feature not only 40 home pods but two site offices and a laundry pod for residents to use. Many will be watching this project closely for its success as it is a relatively new project that many councils have not yet considered. It is clear however that homelessness is on the rise and something needs to be done, with figures jumping from 207,600 in 2018 to over 219,000 in 2019. 

The future of the tiny home project using shipping containers

As shipping containers are versatile and completely customisable, it makes sense that they would make a good base for us to build our homes with. Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and they can be added to if and when you need to expand your home. Walls can be removed to create spacious areas and containers can be stacked on top of one another if you have a smaller footprint. Made of material that is naturally waterproof and incredibly hardy, shipping container homes would stand the test of time against adverse weather conditions.

Not only could a tiny home project see more affordable housing becoming available to all, with millions of unused shipping containers available, but this could also be a positive step forward for sustainability and the use of recyclable materials. Utilising shipping containers as a tiny home project could also see build times cut down as the frame for the home has already been completed. Even the most complex designed shipping container homes could still only take a few months to complete. 

5 benefits of shipping containers as a home project

Turnaround times

If you are looking to move into your home quickly and efficiently, a tiny home project using shipping containers could make this a reality for you. Shipping containers have already been constructed and therefore once it’s in your desired place, the only work that will need to be carried out is to turn it from a container into a home. 


As shipping containers are pre-built, the bulk of the cost will come from moving and placing your containers in the desired location. You only then have to add the fixtures and fittings to turn it into a home. Definitely more affordable than building your home from the ground up. 


Shipping containers are built to last and to withstand incredibly adverse weathers you would expect to see in the sea. Therefore they are a great choice to build a home with that you want to see standing for many years to come. 


Shipping containers are a great choice for a tiny home project due to their flexibility. Built simply but effectively, they can be stacked and arranged in a way that is completely designed for what you need in a home. Walls can be cut down, doors and windows can be added and you can use as many or as little as you think you may need to create the perfect space. 


It has become incredibly apparent recently that we need to make a change in order to protect and sustain our planet. Shipping containers offer a brilliant way to do this. As they are already built, the environmental impact of turning them into a tiny home project is minimal, as opposed to starting to build a house from scratch. Why build more when you can reuse?

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