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5 benefits of an environmentally friendly container company

environmentally friendly container

The impacts of containers and warehouses on the environment 

Shipping and container shipments can be incredibly harmful to the environment with the amount of oil and gas used in the process. It is estimated that the average container ship has the same impact on the environment as 5,000 cars. 

At Jennings Containers, we are working tirelessly to reduce the environmental impact of our products, our production processes and the waste we produce. 

Jennings Containers are not a shipping company and do not partake in the harmful damage this industry can bring. We are an environmentally friendly container company that are striving to give our customers recycled containers that not only support their business but reduce the impacts containers have on the environment. 

This month, we look at the benefits of Jennings Containers and just how we are aiming to become an environmentally friendly container company. 

5 ways Jennings Containers are an environmentally friendly container business

As a container company based in the surrounding green countryside of beautiful Oxfordshire, we know the importance of providing a green and environmentally friendly container solution to surrounding businesses. Being committed to protecting not just our immediate countryside but the environment across the UK, we have made a number of commitments to being an environmentally friendly container business: 

Green energy suppliers

At Jennings Containers, we only use a green energy supplier, meaning the power that is throughout our site is run on green energy. By doing this, we can ensure our carbon footprint remains minimal and we are not affecting the air around us. 

LED lighting

LED lighting has a number of benefits over traditional lighting. LED lights last for a much longer period than their counterparts and use much less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. It’s no secret that we need a lot of lighting at our site to ensure our staff and container customers remain safe, and using LED lighting supports our sustainability and safety. 

Sustainable materials 

When you purchase an environmentally friendly container from Jennings Containers, we will do our best to ensure that the flooring in your container is made from eco-friendly bamboo flooring. Whilst we cannot ensure that the container is made in an environmentally friendly way – as they have already been manufactured long before they reach us, we can ensure that any additional material is sustainable. 

Your containers have already had a life before they reach us so by utilising them for storage, office space or site containment, we are working to ensure they continue their lives rather than being scrapped. 

Waste recycling 

As you can imagine, a lot of waste is produced at our site, and at Jennings Containers, we ensure that we recycle and responsibly dispose of as much waste as we possibly can so it doesn’t end up in a landfill or pollute the environment through unnecessary waste removal procedures. 

Sustainable packaging

Many of our clients need the support of packing materials and Jennings are the environmentally friendly container team that aims to deliver. All of our packing materials have a high recycle content and we are always looking for ways to improve our sustainable packaging. 

The benefits of working with an environmentally friendly container company

 If you are concerned about the environment, and you are a forward-thinking business that is keen to reduce your carbon footprint, you will need to work with reliable environmentally friendly suppliers who don’t damage your reputation or carbon footprint indirectly. 

It is not enough anymore to simply say you care about the environment or encourage your staff to car share or walk to work, you must ensure your 3rd party suppliers and key contacts are also doing their bit for the environment. 

Ultimately, the main benefit you will get from working with an environmentally friendly container company like Jennings is that you will know you are working to support the environment and surrounding areas, just like we are. Just because we are environmentally conscious, does not mean we charge astronomical prices for our containers. We believe in providing cost-effective and honest pricing to support our customers and their container needs. 

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Jennings Containers are your environmentally friendly container team

Jennings Containers is a provider of recycling and refuse storage containers for construction and industrial sites. We are an environmentally friendly container company, based in Oxfordshire and supporting the Home Counties and London. For over 20 years we have been providing containers and storage solutions to homes and businesses at cost-effective prices, with the aim of supporting surrounding companies and assisting with their carbon footprint. 

We don’t believe that being a container solution company means we need to be harmful to the environment. Our steps to becoming more sustainable are just the beginning and we are always aiming to improve the impact we have on the surrounding countryside. 

If you are an environmentally conscious company looking to work with an equally environmentally-friendly container company in 2022, speak to Jennings Containers today and see how we can help with your container needs. 


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