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Use containers for schools to maximise your learning space

containers for schools

Containers for schools to open up your space and maximise learning areas

It’s no secret that schools and universities are often pushed for space and end up having to use areas of the main halls or spare classrooms to store their seasonal or unwanted furniture. This, in turn, takes away from students space to learn and could also lead to dangerous situations if the furniture is piled up in a communal area. 

This month, Jennings Containers look at how secure storage onsite could be the ideal solution to maximising space for classrooms and halls and how containers for schools could even offer additional office space when needed most. 

Onsite containers for schools vs off-site containers

As we all know that schools and universities could do with extra space. It’s time to look at whether utilising an onsite storage container or travelling to an off-site storage container could be more beneficial to the site and more beneficial to your school. 

Onsite storage container

An onsite container is exactly what you imagine it to be. A portable storage container is delivered to the site and placed in an ideal location. This container can then be used as and how you would like to, whether for storing archiving documents in a secure location or putting furniture, including stools and desks, away safely until they are needed. 

Onsite storage containers are an excellent solution for schools and universities because they provide ease of access if you suddenly realise you need another desk or access to that file. 

Another great opportunity that an onsite container provides is flexibility. If you are looking for additional office space, take a look at our 20ft office containers, and we promise you won’t be disappointed! These containers for schools can be used as additional office space to support administrative staff or teachers who need a quiet area to work so they can mark work or hold a meeting without being overheard or disturbed. 

Off-site storage container

If you are pushed for space externally on your school grounds, it may be a good idea to consider off-site storage instead. Jennings Containers have a storage facility conveniently located in Oxfordshire with excellent links to London, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas. 

Off-site containers work well for storing arching documents and furniture that you only use for a small part of the year. These containers for schools are easily accessible throughout the day (or night) and are entirely secure, so you can be sure your belongings are safe at all times. 

What’s more, our flexible contracts mean you don’t need to rent your storage container for long periods of time if you don’t need it! Simply let us know how long you are planning to use the container, and we will make sure your quote is entirely transparent and reflective of the time you need. And, if you need to extend – just let us know!

The benefits of storing your furniture onsite with containers for schools

Storage containers are an excellent choice for storing things in schools. They are practical, durable, safe and inexpensive. They are perfect for storing seasonal items such as extra tables and benches for special events. They can also be used as temporary classrooms or as a permanent fixture to create more learning spaces. Shipping containers can be converted into structures. 

Schools should consider purchasing shipping containers as they are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. They are also easy to move around, and they are reusable. Shipping containers are an eco-friendly option because they are recyclable.

An onsite storage container provides secure storage that can be accessed at any time without having to plan a journey to your off-site facility. Whether you are looking for temporary storage containers whilst you are redecorating the school or long term containers to house your seasonal equipment, having an external storage space onsite could give you the freedom and space you need in your school or university. 

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Jennings Containers can conveniently deliver containers for schools 

As a trusted and reputable container supplier with over 30 years of experience in the industry, Jennings Containers know what you need in storage solutions. They have a wide range of storage options to suit you. Whether you are long for long term storage on or off-site or need to purchase a shipping container to house all your seasonal equipment or business archiving, we are sure we have the ideal solution to help you. 

Jennings Containers can deliver a range of shipping containers and container buildings to order, whether you need a shipping containers for schools, businesses, or storage. We can deliver them onsite to you so you can use them straight away and don’t need to worry about the logistics of transporting a container. 

In addition to our range of delivered containers, we can also supply and deliver our office containers tailored to your requirements, wherever you need them.

If you are looking for a storage solution for your school or university or would like more information about the shipping containers we can provide, please contact us via phone or by sending us an enquiry. One of our helpful team will return to you with the information you need. 


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