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20ft office containers to shield your subcontractors on site

20ft office container

Working on a building site for up to 10 hours a day can be hard graft. With heavy machinery and multiple staff, working in all weathers can leave a site busy and often messy. All workers need somewhere to have a break or shelter from storms, and site managers need a place to work to keep the construction running effectively, and the timescales met. But how can you do that if it’s hailing outside?

This month, Jennings Containers take a look at using 20ft office containers onsite to not only protect your teams during adverse weather but to run an efficient development and keep things on track. 

Affordable 20ft office containers for construction teams 

Containers for construction sites bring a variety of benefits to both your site and your team. Surprisingly affordable, containers offer a cost-saving onsite and a warm place for your teams to take a break. They are easy to transport with a friendly haulage company, and installation is fast and efficient. 

Due to their strength and durability, containers don’t have to stay in that position once they are placed and can be mobilised by construction cranes and placed on other areas of the site, depending on where you need to develop next. A container for your construction site doesn’t just have to be an office space. Multiple containers can give you an ideal setting for several requirements, including: 

  • Site storageBeing solid and durable, containers are the perfect place to store your smaller tools safely.
  • Site break room/accident and injury room – Give your team somewhere safe and warm to take a break, as well as to have a functional area to support accidents and injuries. 
  • Site toilets – typical portaloos or chemical toilets can get messy and smelly – opting for container toilets provides a much more hygienic place to nip to the loo. 
  • Site meeting room – to support the smooth running and continued development of the site 

 When you choose to use a container for your site from Jennings Containers, you can be sure you will be using a top-quality container to support your teams whilst on site.  

Flexible and practical office space for your site 

Not only are 20ft office containers an excellent shelter for teams, but they provide a secure space for site managers to hold meetings with contractors and developers. Containers support safety on site overnight (due to their durability and strength) and usable space to keep plans, first aid kits and of course, the trust kettle! Building sites are dangerous places, and it’s essential to have an area that can be used in case of accidents and incidents. 

Having 20ft office containers onsite, either as a singular set-up or as multiple units, will give you space to support members of your construction team efficiently and effectively if they sustain an injury whilst onsite. Due to their strength and construction, a container is always a popular option for busy sites. They are built to withstand all elements, and even if they get knocked by unsuspecting plant machinery, your steel shipping container will be likely to come out of the knock unscathed. 

Another popular reason to use 20ft office containers onsite is the protection and security they can offer to smaller equipment and tools that need to be locked away whilst the site is not open. Many construction workers have to take their tools away at the end of the day and return to the site the following morning. This act can waste time and increase the potential for accidents and injuries with repeated heavy lifting. Installing a container or set of containers onsite negates the need for workers to keep unpacking and repacking their tools every day. 

Protect your subcontractors during dismal weather conditions 

Construction teams work incredibly hard whilst onsite, often during all weather conditions. Some conditions make it dangerous for your teams to continue working, and often, they may need somewhere dry and warm to wait out the adverse weather. 20ft office containers from Jennings Containers are a great addition to many sites and provide space, comfort and warmth to your team whilst your site gets through the worst of the weather. 

When you purchase or hire 20ft office containers from Jennings Containers, you can be sure you are providing your team with a proper shelter that’s warm and inviting without drafts and leaks. Your team will thank you for somewhere warm and dry where they can have a cuppa, and your bank balance will be happy with the flexible and affordable costs!

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Jennings Containers have a variety of 20ft office containers available

At Jennings Containers, our 20ft office containers are fully insulated and completed with electrical wiring, so you just need to hook up your generator. Bespoke internal fittings can be offered to work perfectly for you, and the flooring, sliding windows and reinforced doors combine to give you a truly functional space to work from.

If you are looking for more information or would like to speak to someone about hiring or purchasing one of our shipping containers, call our friendly team today, and they will give you all the advice and guidance you need to make your site a warm place to be!  


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