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The Benefits of using Absorpole in your storage containers


One of the biggest worries when undertaking a storage facility is whether your items may get damaged from moisture. If you don’t adequately ventilate your receptacle, it may grow mould and mildew from excess condensation. Ventilation can be especially problematic for users who leave their containers outdoors. Absorpole is the perfect tool to help solve this problem as well.

What is absorpole?

Simply put, an absorpole is a vessel containing a desiccant material designed to stop moisture damage from condensation in shipping and storage containers. Absorpole has a durable design with minimal space occupation. They fit easily into the corrugated recess of a container wall and have better damage protection from forklifts or general use throughout the storage containers life.

The ability of Calcium chloride used within absorpole is proven to remove moisture from the air. The patented solution absorbs excess water within the air, generally caused by condensation within the unit or container.

When should Absorpole be used?

Having suitable storage containers is a great start, but we’ve all heard how humidity levels will slowly destroy anything you store inside of it. With Absorpole, you can be comforted knowing that it will keep any humidity around your valuables at a stable level.

Absorpole is suitable for any storage unit or shipping container. They provide efficient protection with a cost-effective, simple to use solution that absorbs condensation and protects your goods from dampness. If your business has the potential for higher humidity levels, then Absorpole can help you reduce costs and the potential for damage.

Absorpole should always be considered when choosing to use a storage container for any length of time. Moisture issues will occur at any point during the life of a container. Still, to avoid the significant problems with damp which will ultimately destroy any storage items, absorpole is an effective way of protecting personal and professional effects.

How do the Absorpole products work?

Once an Absorpole has been pulled out of its container, it becomes activated. The calcium chloride, based at the top of the pole, will absorb moisture in the air as soon as the activation happens. Eventually, the material within the absorpole will dissolve to brine that the collector captures. Rest assured, the effectiveness does not wear off when the absorpole dissolves to brine and the moisture are not let back out into the air.

Why should you use Absorpole?

Gone are the days where storage containers absorb moisture and hold that humidity inside your precious valuables. Absorpole will help you to maintain a stable internal environment in your long term storage container. In short, they’ll make sure that everything stays as dry as possible, no matter what the external environment is around you. They’re also easy for you to install.

Absorpole is used to maintain storage containers at the optimum level of humidity. Humidity is a function of temperature and moisture content. When you’re trying to preserve your valuables from the harsh environment of storage containers that contain innumerable items, it’s going to add a lot of extra stress on your delicate products. Valuables like paper products, wood, metals, and other materials have different absorption properties that need to be compensated for if you want to prolong their longevity. These are no ordinary weather strips!

Not only is absorpole effective in protecting your items, but they also use non-toxic and recyclable materials. Once they have finished their purpose, you can dispose of the material with regular waste. They are completely environmentally friendly and contain no elements that are harmful to wildlife.

Container condensation solutions are not always the first thought of customers when looking to hire or purchase storage units. Unfortunately, it is quite often an afterthought that is only put in place once the damage has is already visible the first time. Customers using any storage container facility should always weigh up the benefits of purchasing absorpoles to protect their belongings.

How much will absorpole cost?

Storage is an essential part of any business, but storage units are also expensive. The cost of using the typical cargo container can be staggering, especially in the long run. Despite how you package it, the container will always have some humidity inside regardless of how well you seal it up, and this is especially true if storage is utilised for long periods. This humidity can lead to problems if not appropriately controlled, eventually leading to damage to your stash and slow deterioration. Absorpole improves the accuracy of temperature and humidity readings and turns your containers into a potential energy saver.

The size of the container you are using will very much dictate the cost of absorpole required. The larger the container, the more absorpole you will need to purchase; however, absorpole have high absorbance, so you may be surprised at how few you need overall. Discussing the options and range of products required with an industry experienced professional is always beneficial and will ultimately save you time and money in the future.

Can Jennings help with Absorpole?

Jennings Containers offer over 30 years of industry experience and have a significant amount of knowledge regarding secure storage units and self-storage facilities. Offering flexible to long term container storage, Jennings are cost-effective and believe in always putting the customer first.

Jennings Containers support all customers who are considering installing absorpole into their affordable self-storage units. Suppose you are unsure where to look when purchasing Absorpole. In that case, Jennings offers this facility, meaning you can order directly from your container management team, and you can access the Jennings online shop here.

So whether you are looking for storage for rent or to buy equipment storage or somewhere to put your household items, speak to Jennings Containers – the experts in storing and protecting your items.


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